Galactic Gamers Coalition #4: Home, Sweet Home

Here it is, folks! 2.9 has been dumped in our laps, an increasing amount of capital ships are hurtling through space filled with heavily armed personnel, and housing has entered Early Access! In this episode, we also learn that “words are hard”. Returning for this episode are Brian and Chuck from the Bad Feeling Podcast, and for their first run, Heather and JT from Corellian Run Radio.









Galactic Gamers Coalition #3: Under Sith Control

Bright lights and gambling. Housing and house parties. Flashsales and terrible timing. These are some of the variety of topics that the panel discuss this episode. Listen in as Sith Lord Korv, Teo and Road are joined by JD of the Unnamed SWTOR Podcast, as well as Max and Sema of the SWTOR Escape Pod Cast.


Galactic Gamers Coalition #2: Six Weeks or So!

PVP Seasons 1 and 2, Galactic Strongholds, planets ready to be conquered, a Galaxy at War, and a Coalition of tangents. But what’s next? This time around, the Coalition is joined by Brian and Chuck of the Bad Feeling Podcast.


OotiniCast@jasonetheridge and @r3dn4

SWTOR Reforged@SithLordKorv and @Evarwyn

Bad Feeling Podcast@badfeelingpdcst

TOROCast – @MaeBeeBuzz and @ThatRoadGuy

Galactic Gamers Coalition #1: The Inaugural Launch!

The inaugural episode of the Galactic Gamers Coalition, a Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Fan Podcast, has finally arrived! Strap in and prepare yourself for a long ride, and listen to the combined opinions of OotiniCast, SWTOR Reforged, and TOROCast! However, that’s only the first half of the show. Joining us for our first episode is none other than BioWare Austin and SWTOR’s own Community Manager, Eric Musco!

On another note, I’d like to thank the amazingly polite gentlemen of OotiniCast (Teo and Chill), the ever entertaining guys over at SWTOR Reforged (Fred and Evarwyn), and my own expert co-host from TOROCast (Mae) for helping me put this show together, as well as their patience with me while I fumbled my way through the episode. I’m greatly looking forward to our next show.

As to our second part of the show, I want to at least thank Musco one more time for joining us for a really fun interview which went much better than I could have hoped, and I’m looking forward to the next time we can assault him with random questions he couldn’t hope to predict and be prepared for!