Galactic Gamers Coalition #8: The MMO bits

This month’s Galactic Gaming Coalition is hosted by Chill and Teo of OotiniCast, who are joined by a fine panel of fellow SWTOR community podcasters to discuss Knights of the Fallen Empire! We also cover our impressions of Game Update 3.3, the future of Flashpoints and Operations, and the latest revelations from Gamescon.

Chill (@BrandonLStarr, OotiniCast)
Teo (@jasonetheridge, OotiniCast)
Pallais (@Pallais, Beyond the Stars)
Chuck (@BearedApe, The Bad Feeling Podcast)
Snave (@snave1208,
Max (@MaxTheGrey, SWTOR Escape Pod Cast)
Nepthen (@NepthenORD, Old Republic Radio)


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