Galactic Gamers Coalition #6: Waiting for June 15th

This month’s Galactic Gaming Coalition is hosted by Chill and Teo of OotiniCast, who are joined by a fine panel of fellow SWTOR community podcasters to discuss what’s coming in Game Update 3.3, including the big changes coming to PvP and the healing ACs,┬áTogruta as the new playable species, and the Yavin 4 Stronghold. We then speculate wildly (and most likely inaccurately) about what’s going to be revealed about Fallen Empire on 15 June at EA’s pre-E3 press conference.

Chill (@BrandonLStarr, OotiniCast)
Teo (@jasonetheridge, OotiniCast)
Page (@Asaphiry, Beyond The Stars)
Brian (@badfeelingpdcst, Bad Feeling Podcast)
Marshall (@DarthPops, The Usual Podcast)
Louis (@HealingSwtor, Healing SWTOR)
Jason (@JT_HoloNet, Corellian Run Radio)ggc_newart

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